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CHA-YEN began in 2013 with a simple idea, introduce New Jersey to Bubble Tea, Snow Ice, and Thai Ice Cream Rolls. Some people may find our desserts and flavors wild and exotic, but we are sure to have something for everyone. Each year, we successfully introduce hundreds of people to our drinks and desserts as we travel throughout New Jersey to fairs, carnivals, and private events.

Our 2018 season marks the beginning of our planned expansion. Cha-Yen is building our own commercial commissary with room to create additional trailers and carts in order to expand our reach. With this expansion, we plan to offer new exotic foods, desserts, and even amusements. We also plan to transform the ways which we deliver our products and services with some very fun and innovative methods.


CHA-YEN was founded by Beer and Greg Maloney, who became husband and wife in 2015. They wanted to start a business which was fun and unique, but also become established while working full time.


While on a trip to Thailand in 2012, Beer's home country, the two were inspired by the assortment and popularity of street food and mobile vending. With some careful planning and use of their unique knowledge, skills, and abilities, Cha-Yen became a reality in 2013.

Since then, Cha-Yen has grown and improved by measuring their successes and, more importantly, failures to efficiently provide products and services which consistently exceed expectations. Using a Lean Business approach backed by a Six Sigma philosophy, we celebrate our successes while continuing to measure and adjust with the intent to improve and grow.

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